Tran 400

Stephanie A. Tran, DDS  


The Guide to the Role of CBCT in Endodontic Diagnosis &
Treatment Planning

Description: The use of two-dimensional imaging has become a
staple in dental practices for assessment and diagnosis of dental disease. But
an increasing number of dentists — endodontists especially — are turning toward
cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), not only for the improved accuracy over
2D imaging, but also for the advantages of enhancing diagnosis and treatment
planning for a variety of endodontic cases.

The AAE and AAOMR agree that CBCT should not be used
routinely for endodontic diagnosis or screening purposes in the absence of
clinical signs or symptoms, but there are clear cut instances when the
patient’s history and clinical examination indicate that the patient would
benefit considerably from CBCT imaging. In this lecture, Dr. Stephanie Tran,
will review the basics of CBCT interpretation in the visualization of root and
canal anatomy and their surrounding structures, citing the numerous benefits that
this technology provides for overall patient care.

Join Dr. Stephanie Tran, a practicing endodontist and lecturer, for an overview
• Anatomical indications that suggest the use of CBCT, such as the potential
for extra canals or suspected complex morphology
• Which circumstances and indications in which the use of CBCT would benefit
the patient and treatment planning
• The techniques of contemporary 3D imaging navigation to maximize diagnosis
• Complex endodontic problems that benefit from CBCT imaging, including
traumatic dental injuries, internal root resorption, horizontal root fractures,
and more.


 Dr. Stephanie Tran is an endodontist who is passionate about
patient-centered care to help patients maintain their teeth, and about endodontic
education to help her colleagues keep elevating the profession. After
completing her DDS at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, and
GPR Residency program at SUNY Stony Brook University Medical Center, Dr. Tran
completed her endodontics specialty residency at the University of Tennessee
Health Science Center. Dr. Tran is now in private practice limited to
endodontics and microsurgery, serving New York City and the Hamptons, and
provides endodontic education online on her instagram @her_holiness_the_pulp
and through her national and international lecturing.