Gabriele 400

Dr. Gabriele Vaccaro

Lecture Theme:


The old implant prosthetic protocols foresaw long waiting times and prohibitive costs for a large part of the population. Today, the rehabilitation of an implant supported full-arch, besides being a procedure supported by the literature, is also widely practiced by dentists.

However, the organization of the workflow that follows the insertion of fixtures is still not very standardized and not very homogeneous both for the operators and for the different clinical situations; this leads to the need to have customized solutions of complex execution for individual cases, sometimes leading to misunderstandings between the clinic and the laboratory.

The use of a protocol that optimizes this workflow and minimizes waiting times is fundamental for the success of a treatment plan, both from a biological, technical-prosthetic and managerial point of view. The ideal would be to have an effective and versatile protocol that can be used both in complex and simple situations, and that simplifies both the surgical and prosthetic aspects. Taking into consideration the current growth in terms of digitalization both dentists and technicians have to be updated on all the different option with traditional and digital work-flows.

To combine these needs the Ot Bridge Technique has been developed by our scientific group through the use of a latest generation multi-functional prosthetic abutment leading to multiple clinical advantages and a versatile overall application range on all different implant platforms and with the support of all digital libraries.