Asulin 400

Gabriel Asulin

Lecture Title:

5 critical principles to achieve business success in your dental clinic



Gabriel Asulin is an international expert in the management and marketing of dental Practices and the author of “Turn Your Dental Practice into a Successful Business – the Gabriel Asulin Method”.

The book has been translated also into Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian and Hebrew and is considered a bestseller in the global dentistry market.

In recent years, Gabriel is considered a “guru” in the field of marketing and promoting dental clinics worldwide, having consulted for hundreds of dental Practices Around the world.

Gabriel has developed unique methods in the field that are successfully implemented in a great many Practices .

In recent years, Gabriel is considered to be a sought-after lecturer worldwide and his lectures “Double you’re Dental Practice Sales within 3 Months!” have become blockbusters in China, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Bulgaria, Israel and the Dominican Republic.

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