Armin 400

Dr. Armin Muhasilović

Lecture Theme:


Born on 30 September 1992 in Essen, FR
Germany.  He completed the integrated
study program of the first and second cycles of the Faculty of Dental Medicine
with the clinics of the University of Sarajevo in 2019, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and
Herzegovina and started working in the Dental Practice of Dr. Muhasilović. He
is very active and is constantly improving professionally and scientifically.
In 2022, at the UniCamillus International Medical University Post-graduate
School in Rome, Italy, he defended his master’s thesis on “Protocol and
Clinical Presentation of Immediate Implant Placement”. In the academic year
2021-2022, he taught the subject Anesthesia in Dentistry at the University of
Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, and in March 2022 he was appointed
to the title of Senior Assistant for the subject Oral Implantology.

He attends almost all symposia, congresses and lectures in the field
of oral surgery, implantology and dental forensics both in Bosnia and
Herzegovina and abroad. He is a member of the Dental Chamber of the Federation
of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Contact: arminmuhasilovic@hotmail.com